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Soldering is the name given to the process of joining two materials together by melding them with a filler material i.e. the solder, usually a mixture of tin and lead, although lead solder is currently being phased out following a recent EU directive. Soldering uses lower temperatures - 400 degrees Fahrenheit - than welding and brazing, as the filler material is the only element that becomes liquid. Desoldering is simply the reverse of soldering- heating up the material so that the two items can be disconnected. Soldering is commonly used in electronics as it is the ideal way of joining wires and electrical components. When it comes to soldering, having the right tools for the job is very important to avoid the likelihood of damage. Distrelec is a one-stop-shop when it comes to soldering, with supplies from a range of soldering specialist manufacturers such as Metcal, Stannol, Proskit, Edsyn and Weller. Distrelec has everything that is needed, such as soldering materials, normally supplied on rolls available in different thicknesses, soldering irons - low wattage irons are generally best for use on circuit boards, dispensing equipment, solder fume extractors and filter systems, accessories and replacement parts, tips and nozzles in a huge array of shapes and sizes, and soldering, resoldering and rework stations.