Return or repair

Reliable and fast

If you placed the order in our online shop, please use the simple online process.

Procedure for online process

  1. Log in with your username and password and place your cursor on 'My Account'. In the menu select 'Order Manager'.
  2. All your orders are listed here. You can return all items delivered. All completed orders which have already been delivered have the status 'despatched'.
  3. To return an item/s please click on the icon next to the item to be returned.
  4. Then you click on the icon 'Return the items'.
  5. Select the item/s you would like to return.
  6. Please let us know the numbers and the reason for return in the last section. You will then be asked whether the packaging is still intact and whether you require a replacement for the corresponding article(s).
  7. Select continue in order to view your online confirmation.
  8. A service employee will contact you immediately when Elfa Distrelec receives the online form.