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A global manufacturer of products for OEM and consumer use, Varta Micro Batteries is headquartered in Germany, with a UK office and major worldwide presence. From server backup to building automation applications, Varta batteries of differing electrochemical composition and cell geometries are manufactured in state of the art facilities to ISO 9001 quality management standards. The company specialises in lithium cells for memory backup, and coin or button batteries of various current capacities and nominal voltages for PCB mounting, solder tag connection and standard fittings. Other Varta battery types include Ni-MH button, cylindrical and prismatic cells, in addition to silver oxide. Varta produces micro batteries for handheld instruments, hearing aids, automotive applications and specialised industrial measurement, metering and control devices. Replacement cells for security alarm systems such as door and window contacts, panic buttons and alarm bell boxes include uncommon sizes such as 3 volt cells and other 3.6 volt batteries. Varta High Energy batteries offer powerful current supply for moderate to high, flexible energy demands, while they are also suitable for trickle current supply for up to one year.


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