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Based in Wuppertal, Germany, Stannol was established in 1879 by a master plumber who developed special soldering fluids to improve the quality of pipe joints. The company has produced soldering accessories for the electrical and electronics trades since the 1950s; engineers, technicians and workshop staff the world over rely on this well-known brand, which is ISO TS 16949 quality compliant and combines tradition with innovation. HS10 solder wire can be used for manual and robot soldering tasks, while Flowtin is a new solder alloy that is totally lead-free - beneficial for the environment, yet producing joints that are at least comparable to tin-lead solder. Similarly, Kristall 511 or Crystal 511 solder wire offers excellent soldering characteristics. Its minimal residue is electrically safe and does not have to be cleaned away from finished solder joints. Rosin flux improves soldering performance and the resulting finished joints in two ways. Firstly, it cleans oxides from the metal surface. In turn, this facilitates wetting by the molten metal that spreads and adheres more readily, thus acting as an oxygen barrier to prevent any further oxidation. Some molten fluxes also improve heat transfer. Finally, Stannol also supply versatile battery-powered standalone soldering irons, ideal for remote work where access to mains power is inconvenient.


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