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A manufacturer of a wide range of electronic components and parts, RND Components is well known for the high quality and reliability of its products. Offering anything from 19” casing systems, designed for the telecommunications and data-communications industries, to its push-button switches and indicators, the business has something to offer all types of manufacturers and electronic systems designers. RND Components produces a tremendous number of capacitors, which can be used in anything from television sets to industrial automation machinery. Its capacitors are offered in capacitances that range from 3.3 uF to as much as 680 nF, with voltage handling capabilities from 5V to 200V. In addition, RND makes fuse products that includes fuses for all sorts of domestic and professional-use products, as well as a number of fuse holders that are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Its fuses are available with both ceramic and glass tubes, as well as fast-blow and slow-blow versions. The business is also engaged with resistor technology - its resistors are rated for a variety of output watts, tolerances and dielectric strengths. All sorts of resistor housing types are catered for, including 0402, 0603, 0805 and 1206. Finally, RND Components offers a number of plastic enclosures for mounting electrical systems and prototypes. These are available in a variety of colours, plastic types and sizes.


We are proud to introduce our new, in-house brand. Meet RND.

RND aims to provide customers with a comprehensive range of products to meet the demands of electronic, electrical and maintenance professionals. Great quality and low prices combine, providing outstanding value and a product you can trust. Sourced responsibly and tested thoroughly before launch, the RND line will cover many product categories, including Connectors, Wire and Cable, Resistors, Capacitors, Switches and many more. With products being launched each month, please continue to check our webshop for the latest new arrivals and hot offers.

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