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Metcal bench tools offer reliability and high performance in electronics assembly and production environments, service workshops and laboratories. The brand is owned by the OK International Group, which places importance on customer service and support. Metcal soldering, desoldering and rework stations come in a choice of power capacities, with quick, energy-efficient heating and power saving modes for economy. Safety features include inbuilt earth detection. Soldering fluid dispensing equipment includes brushes, guns and digitally controlled metering apparatus with foot switches, automatic or manual modes and adjustable pressure or suction settings. Memories for dosing profiles enable quick, efficient switching between tasks. Metcal also offers a choice of chisel, conical, knife and ultra-fine soldering tips in various lengths to select with new workshop soldering stations, as well as a choice of desoldering tools and hot air nozzles. The right choice of soldering system tip is important for good production or rework results; factors to consider include the assembly items or PCB circuitry and track size in question and the degree of accessibility. Long reach soldering tips are useful when physical access space is restricted. Metcal solder fume extractor systems help to maintain a healthy working environment and require only minimal setup. Finally, soldering accessories comprise PCB holders, armrests, iron stands and trays.


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