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Founded in 1958, Chemtronics is now a subsidiary of Illinois Tool Works Inc and is a well-regarded innovator that makes a number of electrical reprocessing products that are designed to achieve a high degree of reliability. Among its popular products are its cleaning cloths and accessories which are designed for electrical components and circuitry. It also produces a number of cleaners, lubricants and protective lacquers which are used to keep electrical and mechanical installations running in good working order. Chemtronics' soldering tools include its soldering aids and its much used desoldering braids. The company produces many of these products whilst meeting modern needs for lead-free cleaning products which are still capable of being used effectively in industrial applications. Their cleaning and processing solutions are often engineered for work in higher temperature environments and some of the more aggressive conditions that are found in electrical reworking and repair facilities. They also manufacturer some of the safest CFC/HCFC-free cleaning products that are available on the global market and have a history of developing ozone-safe products.


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