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Originally founded in 1922 to supply support wire to the millinery trade, US company Alpha Wire is now a major supplier to the electronic and electrical sectors. During the early 20th century, the business became associated with the developing media industries – producing wire and insulators for radio, then TV wiring. Product innovation led to the development of insulated cables and heat-shrink tubing, and later on to the manufacture of control cables for the computer industry. The evolution of modern markets constantly creates new demands with many of today’s customers requesting eco-friendly cabling and recyclable products. The Alpha Wire range is comprehensive and diverse with multi-conductor cable, hook-up wiring and tubing being core products. There is plenty of demand also for their network and data cabling, plus protective components such as heat-shrink tubing. Stranded wire is always available in bare copper or tin-plated options, together with a choice of shielded and unshielded cable. Alpha Wire further provide a good choice of coloured insulation to meet the requirements of electrical codes and complex equipment specifications. Many items can be ordered by the metre and are commonly available in reels too. Specialist halogen-free or non-flammable cables can also be supplied, with around 70% of all stock available within 24 hours, and most delivered within five days.


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