Optimise Your Downtime. Maintain and improve your efficiency with products to calibrate, automate and repair.

As you enter into the Summer Shutdown period, you may be carrying out work which differs from the norm in order to make sure you’re up and running at full capacity for the rest of the year. Distrelec can help you to use the shutdown period most efficiently, saving you time, energy and money.


Build, repair and save like never before

Make the most of your downtime by evaluating what you need to repair and maintain, but also what you can improve. With a wide range and a huge number of new products focused on repair, improvement and maintenance, we’re by your side from the very first steps you take at the beginning of the shutdown.

The right tool can make a world of difference – and our RND product portfolio impresses with the best quality, availability and cost.

Invested money

Invest in the future

An upgrade might be in order – whether you can benefit from a predictive maintenance system, ensuring maximum uptime and minimising your future shutdown periods, or increased automation, leaving you more time to focus on innovation.

You will find thousands of new products, making Distrelec the place to go for the latest technologies. With all the products you need available in one place, save time and effort and let us help you optimise your business.


Stay safe

Make safety a priority: while you’re evaluating your processes, take the time to check in on safety guidelines and tips. Guarantee compliance and take a look at the latest products in the field of safety in the workplace – whether that’s your own or functional safety.


By your side

As your partner with local support, the right products readily available and the knowhow you need to undertake maintenance and upgrades, trust Distrelec this summer to supply you with what you need to improve efficiencies during the shutdown period. Check out our new products, our guides on improvements you might be considering and shop matching products now.